Oyster River Watershed Association

The Oyster River Watershed Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that seeks to protect, promote and enhance the ecological integrity and environmental quality of the Oyster River watershed through community participation and involvement.

The Association holds monthly meetings and river walks, conducts outreach and educational activities throughout communities in the watershed, and sponsors water quality monitoring through the NH Volunteer River Assessment Program on the Oyster River. Monthly meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of the month at 7:00pm at the Madbury Public Library.  (Map of Madbury, showing the Library location is here.)

Join Us for the Official Release of the Oyster River Management Plan on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18th, 2014, at the Madbury Town Hall, 13 Town Hall Road, Madbury, NH, 6:00PM - 7:00PM

ORWA nomination of the Oyster River to the NH River Management
and Protection Program

The Oyster River Watershed Association (ORWA) was awarded a grant to nominate the Oyster River for designation under the State’s Rivers and Management Protection Program (RMPP). The grant funded the Strafford Regional Planning Commission’s assistance with the nomination papers and public outreach.
The RMPP is based on a two-tier approach to river management and protection: 1. state designation of significant rivers and protection of instream values, and 2. local development and adoption of river corridor management plans to protect shorelines and adjacent lands. The nomination process occurred over a two year period and included public outreach and education sessions.

Governor John Lynch remarks on the importance of water protection before performing a ceremonial signing of HB 44, which designates the Oyster River to the State Rivers Management and Protection Program. 
July 27, 2011, ~ 1:29pm.


Documents and Links relating to the nomination process.

Opening Meeting information flyer  ~30kb, pdf

Oyster River Nomination Fact Sheet  ~1.5mb, pdf

Oyster River Nomination Map  ~.5mb, pdf 

Full Nomination Document  ~ 4.3mb, pdf

Minutes of the RMAC Public Hearing in Madbury

Link to an online RMPP slide show

Link to the NH DES website about the RMPP

All letters submitted for nomination  ~ 2mb, pdf

Commissioner Burack’s recommendation to the General Court  ~56kb, pdf

DES Report to the General Court   ~275kb, pdf

Highlighted, Voluntary Survey Results: 158 surveys sent out, 21% responded

Values to protect1
Steps to protection
Should government act

The Oyster River Watershed Management Plan written in 2001 by ORWA
The purpose of the Oyster River Watershed Management Plan is to create a platform for conversations regarding the long-term protection and management of the natural resources within the Oyster River watershed. 2001.
Click here to download the Plan (5.54mb, pdf, without maps).